Compatibility is everything to us.

We blend technology and Psychological techniques together to choose
compatible profiles for you.



We'd love to learn more about you

Once we receive your application, we set up an interview with our experts. Because this online dating site doesn't rely on some random algorithms. We love a personalized approach to learning about your life story, principles, driving forces, and preferences. It guides us to move to the next step and choose the right one for you.


Focusing on what Matters

After picking two to three compatible profiles, we move to our next step - Horoscope Check. However, it depends on whether you want to do it or put it off. Because Wine To Vows focuses on what matters to you, after this, we set up your first date with the person you like to go to the first date, and it is entirely your choice to continue or move on to another profile.


Breaking the geographical boundaries- Diverse Clientele

Love doesn't have geographical boundaries. You can fall in love with anyone from anywhere. This matrimonial site has profiles from all over India and overseas. So be honest with yourself, & choose the one that suits your interest, not location.


Wine To Vows Assist You to Lead Your Love Life the way you want it to!

Step 1


Registration is the first but crucial step for your "date to marry" experience. No worries, it will take a few minutes. Registration form information helps our experts to learn more about you before setting up an interview.

Step 2

Face-to-face interaction session

We are not confined to just the registration form; we are more than this. We schedule a personal face-to-face interaction session with our counselors and psychologists for better understanding. It helps to determine your preferences, liking, and vision for the future. Every little information is crucial which makes the partner selection process easier for us.

Step 3

Time to meet your ideal connection

Leave everything on us from choosing the perfect one for you to exotic arrangements for your first date. We’ll share sufficient details about your first date which will help you to build a conversation and explore more about each other. We ensure that the person seated next to you will be the ideal match and will meet your expectations.

Step 4

Take a Decision for Yourself

We give full power to make decisions about what happens next. You can continue with the same person, get engaged, or move on to another compatible profile. On this marriage-dating site we believe that two people need time and space to understand & explore each other closely without any parental or societal pressure.

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